Monday, July 25, 2016

Software Receiver Design Tutorials Progress

S O F T W A R E   R E C E I V E R   D E S I G N   N O T E S / T U T O R I A L

This page contains links to all of my tutorials. I don't want to call them pure tutorials, because I don't baby the reader through the process I went through, rather, I'm trying to document the process I experienced in learning and implementing a software radio system in hope that I help somebody who is in my position, curious about this somewhat advanced topic and has tried hunting for the information, but have opened Pandora's box of questions after reading them. Sometimes they are wrong. But hopefully, my material will reinforce other things learnt from other people's material and I want to capture the difficulties that I encountered, because a polished paper has inherently eliminated that.
  • Motivation for Software PLL
    • Discusses the problems and questions that arose from me trying to learn about software PLLs from other people's websites. Me learning about Software PLLs ultimately led to me to learning about software receivers.
  • Tutorial 0 - Pulse Amplitude Modulation
    • The code that I wrote to turn a 'string' into a sequence of discrete [-3, -1, 1, 3] pulses. 
  • Software Receiver Design Textbook

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